For your safety, Blue Arrow Farm is committed to following all national, state, and local guildelines for Covid-19.

Pine Island, NY

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Animal Rescue

Our mission is to help in the rescue of animals who need a home. Whether it’s because the owner can’t afford them, because they've been abandoned, or a variety of other reasons, we’re there to help, with our professional staff of trainers, therapists, and barn management. In some cases we rehabilitate by helping to put weight back on, treat their feet, and do an overall wellness check on our four-legged friends, and while we have in the past found homes for our rescues, for the most part we keep them healthy and happy on the farm.

We also donate to other animal rescues and have been involved with the biggest cat rescue in the history of the Northeast, having rescued and re-homed over 200 cats — not an easy task!

Please help keep us running by donating here!

A horse grazing surrounded by greenery

Butterfly Sanctuary

How lucky are we? It just so happens that Blue Arrow lies at the heart of New York's monarch butterfly migration path. We’ve planted every scrumptious plant a butterfly delights in, from milkweed to asters to goldenrod. We invite you to take a peek to see if our flutter friends are floating about!

Painted sign for Blue Arrow butterfly sanctuary surrounded by flowers


We love our bees! We put great care into keeping them happy, and they certainly are “busy as a bee”! Try some of our honey, made with patience and love. There is a wide variety of flora on Blue Arrow Farm, all adding to the sweet-tasting final product!

Apiary with honey bees with "Welcome Friends" painted on